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Sunday, August 11, 2013

If you’ve been  sorta/kinda checking in on this blog over the last couple of years, you’ve run across more than one sheepish blog post apologizing for an extended, yaddahyaddahyaddah, blahblahblah.. 

Anywho, moving on….

My job hunt is underway. Plans are being firmed up regarding taking some professional courses/training and I’ve got a great network of friends who are actively helping out with leads by working their own contacts/networks.  But a job hunt can only take up so much of your time. Suddenly I find myself hitting the gym regularly—lost 5lbs so far! The house is spotless. lol.

And Another very positive change that has happened is:  I find myself with the time and, more importantly, the mind-space to write, plot and make plans re my writing career and marketing , etc.
Right now there are 3 stories I’ve prioritized; a dragon shifter idea that I’m 99% done with the outline. As much as I want to dive write into this story, once the outline is done, I’ll back-burner it while I work on a couple of more pressing ideas:  
First - a sequel to The Wolf who Stole Christmas, using the ‘villain’ Jack Frost as the hero.  This one is priority 1 because it’ll be a short novella and I want it up for December. 
Next will be Rob’s story (Rob is the best-friend and business partner of Daniel, the hero from Felicity Stripped Bare). I’ve always wanted to write Rob’s story and came up with several ideas over the years that just weren’t right. Yesterday, the concept of his story just hit me out of the blue. I honestly can’t remember what triggered the idea, but it’s perfect. I just need to wrangle with the outline, GMCs, plot points, etc., but I *know* this is his story.   Now to re-read Felicity. *gulp* I haven't read it since it I finished the last copy edits, but I want to make sure I get the details right for this connected story. Will probably do a post on how I feel about that reading. *cringe*

Stay tuned for updates.
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Jorrie Spencer said...

Best of luck moving forward. I'm hoping you find the job that suits you well.

vanessa jaye said...

Thank you Jorrie! Fingers crossed.

azteclady said...


Oh my good lord, so good to see you!!!

And while yes, unemployment right now is nothing to shrug at, being free from all the stress is priceless.

Here's wishing you a good offer soon--but not too soon (Rob's story???? pretty pretty pretty please?)


vanessa jaye said...

AL!! )))hugs((( looooong time no see/hear! How are things going with you?

It's funny how many peeps who used to be very visible online (blogging/blog hopping) are now more or less lurking. It's really good to 'see' you and Jorrie. Just another reason I should step back into the blogging arena. Not that I expect peeps to comment every time, but it was nice keeping in contact via blogs. I enjoy twitter alot, but it's not quite the same.

I sincerely hope I land something before my nervous system collapses. lol. but until then, yup- writing will be priority #2 behind the job hunt. And Rob's story has been a long time coming, but I just know it's the right one. I can almost *see* his heroine and I like her very much. poor Rob... ::rubs hands together::

azteclady said...

Well, I haven't disappeared, exactly.

You can still get my rabblerousing here, in fact.

vanessa jaye said...

So that's where you've been hiding out! I'll add you to my side bar (which needs desperate cleaning up). Good to see you're back to actively reviewing. Always like reading your thoughts/feedback on what you've been reading.

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