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Sunday, February 24, 2013

I've been going through a prolonged period of the *mehs* when it comes to reading.

It’s my fault.

I O.D’d on a bunch of books that were in certain subgenres and featured a favourite hero type.  Also, I wasn’t all that discriminating when it came to erm… the quality of the writing.  So had some hit and misses there while looking for, primarily, a quick read.  Now I’m finding it hard to even choose a romance/romance-subgenre book to download, much less decide to read one.

Some of the blurb words/phrases that have me backing away from possible downloads/buys:

- Billionaire hero/brothers/best-friends (especially when it’s paired with something incongruous like Billionaire Lumberjack(s), or Billionaire pastry chef, or if he’s only in his 20s.)

- “Book 1” or any indication this is part of a novella/short story serial. (Read/started a couple of excellent series/serials but I’ve hit my limit on them at this point. I will only start a series/serial now if all the books/parts have been released.)

- BDSM (which I actually like, but you can usually tell from the blurb when the element of bdsm is not intrinsic to the story/characterization but more of a hook.

- Anyone (usually the heroine) who is finding/exploring their sexuality, etc., - if this is the *main thrust* of the story, I’m giving it a pass. There are a handful of authors who write this trope very, very well, with layered/fleshed-out emotion and characterization. But there’s a lot of crackalicious boink-fests out there too, with a sprinkling of the heroine’s angst/backstory masquerading as story-depth.

- Sassy, Snarky, Smart-ass/mouth as a description of the heroine.

- Anything that sounds like it was inspired by Twilight/50 Shades.

There’s more, but those are the ones that come to me at the moment. :P

While I still prefer a romantic subplot in my stories, I’m shying away from full-blown romances or romance/subgenres and more drawn to stories that are primarily about other things (journey of self-discovery, mystery/thriller, etc).  But even there, I’m not making much progress. I’m partway through a couple of excellent reads (Anna Dressed in Blood and The Mystery of Mercy Close). In both cases, I enjoy the books while I’m reading, but find it soooo easy to put them down and it takes forever to pick them back up again.  

On the other hand, I’ve been reading the newspaper daily, going through a variety of magazines, and enjoying some really great writing on a handful of tv shows. 
I’ve gone through this phase before, it’ll pass. But it sucks to be stuck in the *mehs*.
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Lori said...

So my new book, The Billionaires Sexual Discovery of His Twilight Past, isn't going onto your TBR pile?

vanessa jaye said...

::runs away screaming::

(well, only if it's a satire )


azteclady said...

Been there, thought I was done with it...

No such luck.

However, I just read a bunch of books for the first time fairly quickly--things is, they had all been sitting in the TBR mountain range for years, so I knew going in that I was safe from Twilight, 50 Shades and most of the latest zombie frenzy trends.

What is killing me, though, is that I don't seem able to finish writing reviews for any of them, and I *really* want to start writing reviews again.


vanessa jaye said...

Hey Aztec! :D You know what really sucks about this reading ennui? So many peeps I know are suffering from it, and we've all kinda gone quiet... :(

I hope you get your mojo back for writing reviews. I've always enjoyed your posts on reading and particularly love to hear which books 'kinda' got a bit out of your funk. If they're older books, I probably have them in my tbr pile! lol.

Cece Writer said...

I wonder if we're all suffering from 'reading ennui' because of what's out there? Hmmmmm

I just ordered my son's first Stephen King (at his request) which made me reorder some old faves and some other King books I haven't read. Hoping that will help. Also picked up a HollY Black (a long time fave in part because seh was a cool kid before it was cool) off my TBR pile and lo and behold it has a male protag (YA) so I'm even more excited!

That said I'm like you, finding my joy in good TV writing (mostly) :D

vanessa jaye said...

You know, I've seen this--years ago--when paranormal was the it thing, and you'd see peeps online saying how they couldn't find anything to read because everything was paranormal (or switch paranormal for historical), so yeah, there are definite red hot tropes out there that I have enjoyed but I've now had my fill of. :( By everything goes in cycles, so something else will eventually recapture my interest/love

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