Son's Bellyachin' and Hurtin' songs

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Meanwhile at Casa Jaye this morning....

I changed the channel from the all news station to a country music video show, and son looks up from his laptop and starts bellyaching.

Son--  "Ma! What is this? I think I'm gonna be sick." He waves to TV where  Rascal Flatts video is on. ::2 teenagers are in cab of truck sharing an amazingly sweet moment::  "Why are you watching this?"

Me-- "What? It's fun. I like to see what's going on. Expand my horizons beyond the usual top 40 playing on radio or what I have on my eye-pod."

Son-- "But they're always about this stuff."

He waves to TV again where girl is kneeling over toilet and holding her stomach crying. Then girl runs out of house and races down the road after boy's truck. We get a sort of flashback of truck flipping over and boy's head cracking windshield. Now girl is slowing down and then she drops to her knees at roadside cross.

Me -- "See? There's always a story to tell." I put on a heavy twang: "They're hurtin' song."

Son-- "Well, Brian McKnight [Back At One] did it better."

Me -- "How about that one video, you saw?" And I describe Kenny Chestney's There Goes My Life.

Son -- "Oh man, that one *was* so good." He makes a face and shakes his fist. "Arggh! I don't want to feel that way! All I want to feel is anger, and the avarice and misogyny encouraged by the gangster rappers. I don't want to feel all this sentimental crap!"

Me -- lmao!

He leaves the room, and soon I hear him singing Folsom Prison Blues  #lol.

Generation Gap

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Interesting generational thing. I grew up with TV. It was the babysitter and source of excitement. The radio too, but as I shared more of my personal space with family/significant others, the radio/stereo was only on at specific times/situations. But you could always have the tv on as mindless white noise in the background, if nothing else, but something would always end up catching your attention.

My son on the other hand does all his time wasting watching shows, movies, videos, etc, online. He pretty much never has the tv on if he's home alone unless watching he's something specific. In fact he'll ask me to turn the tv off if I'm leaving the room for an extended time (ie to take a shower, etc). Meanwhile I'm guilty of having the tv on while on the computer.

Now we have marathon binge programing--where the network will air a whole season in one weekend or week, streaming services like Netflix, and interactive shows -- like The Talking Dead, where peeps vote online at home, etc.
Interesting times...


Sunday, September 21, 2014

After yesterday's 10hr sleep-a-thon/end of week exhaustion cash, my day started off great.

Woke up early--cleaned the bathroom, kitchen, washed/deep-conditioned my hair, and did a facial, and started the Bolognese sauce for dinner, all before 9:30am. I had just sat down in font of the computer when I hear some commotion upstairs. Son says there's a wasp in his room.
So I go up, and he's not sure if he got it or not (it's behind the blinds). He also mentions that he killed a wasp in the bathroom earlier in the week and found a dead wasp in his room that same day. All the windows have been shut for the past week because of the temperature dip, and even if they weren't, we have window screens.
Also, kid likes to keep his room door closed (saves my blood-pressure when I don't see the mess) So really don't know how they're getting into his room. So far this morning we've killed(Raid) 4 -5 wasps in his room. I went outside and it *looks* like there are a couple flying around the eavestrough just above his window, but that still doesn't explain how're their getting in.
I've called 3 places so far--either left a message or someone will get back to me. So far no call back and my focus is shot all to hell. *grrr*

Celebrate 10 yrs of Writing with Melissa Blue's Giveaway extravaganza

Sunday, September 07, 2014

My fellow Southern Fried Chica' blog-mate, Melissa Blue aka Sofia Harper is celebrating 10 years of writing! And she's holding a 1 week extravaganza of give-aways from a great group of authors-- Sept 7 to Sept 13th. Check it out:

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100 in 100

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Quick post here before I dash off to work.
Work has been Very Demanding.  Last week was all 10-12hr days because I was covering for someone on vacation as well as doing my own work. Prior to that, I had been helping various peeps here and there because they were overwhelmed due to others being on vacation, and I was probably working 9-10hrs per day while dealing with a pesky summer cold.

Anywho, not much writing was happening. Even when I had a small window of time I just wanted to give my brain a rest. But resting isn’t going to get this book written! 
So I decided on a new mandate: 100 words a day for 100 days. 
Hopefully at some point before the hundred days are up, I’ll be writing well more than 100 words a day, and of course I’ll keep writing beyond the 100 days to get this damn book done.  At some point I’ll take the temperature of the book and get a better idea of how long it’s going to be and how much I have to write per day to get it done by a certain date.

Stay tuned….

That voice

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Just had a weird erotic moment where a commercial came on with Sam Elliot doing the voice-over, while Michael McDonald was cooning on the iPod and I had just came across a picture of Benedict Cummerbatch on Pinterest, which immediately made me think of his voice. Holy Smokes. Imagination into overdrive.

*brain & panty-meltdown in 5,4,3,2...*

All I needed was for Vin Diesl to call and leave a voice message at that percise moment for me to stroke out due to intensive aural orgasm. (there is too such a thing!)


So what male voice really does it for you?

My dragons be draggin'

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My dragons be draggin’

Verdict on the post title? #lame. lol. Whatevs

So some writing updates for ya, I'm kinda stuck on whether to do a prologue or not with the dragon book. At this point the single scene prologue is turning into a multi-scene/pov 1st chapter that takes place years before the main/current story action. I think this stuff is needed and won't work as flash-back, but maybe that's becuase I'm in the thick of writing it. I may change my mind when I finished the manuscript and decide it's all backstory, or my crit partners/beta-readers may say keep it.

One thing fun thing about this book are some of the names: Balthazar, Vesper, Archimedes. It's a contemporary/alternative world, where dragons, fae, and shapeshifters exist out in the open with humans but be because some of these creatures are ancient, the old-fashioned/archaic names are perfect. :)

I’m going to nip out the gym for a bit and think about the scene I’m stuck on at the moment. If I don’t come up with a solution by the time I get back, I’ll either skip over it and come back later to write the details, or it may become clear that I’m stuck because I’m going in the wrong direction with the scene/story. We’ll see.

Lastly, I know some readers hate when authors refer to certain actor/model as the basis (in looks at least) for their heroes/heroines, but Imma gonna do it anyhow. Lol

Jason Momoa is just about perfect for my dissipated, brooding and almost feral Dragon King, Balthazar,

and Charlize Theron is great as the beautiful, cool as ice but vengeful, Vesper Goode, daughter of the assassinated Grand Wizard of the Greater Toronto Area and his lovely fae wife.

To be honest, no photograph of any model/actor has ever been exactly as I envision my hero/heroine, but these two come pretty close and serve as visual inspirations. ;)

 pps – I also need to get cracking on Jack Frost’s book so I can have it out in time for Xmas. The Werewolf who Stole Christmas is still getting steady interest and I feel pretty confident peeps who liked that story would check out Jack’s (who is a secondary character in TWWSC)

ppps – It feels good to be posting on my blog again. :D
Later gators.

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